All LionGUARD Grade Cedar will be Premium or Select grade and will all carry the CEDAR SHAKE AND SHINGLE BUREAU label.

LionGUARD Grade Cedar
Cedar Bureau inspected
Guaranteed Old Growth Cedar with a minimum of 7 grains per inch
30- 50 year Warranty
Guaranteed Full Coverage

Available in 18" and 24" lengths and 1/2" (Medium), 3/4" (Heavy), 1" (Jumbo) thicknesses
Guaranteed 70% or more 2 pack
Guaranteed 100% Vertical Grain for Premium and minimum 80% Vertical Grain for Select

Available in 16" (Five X), 18" (Perfection) & 24" (Royal)
Guaranteed 100% Vertical Grain
S&W Smooth Butts are also available for sidewall or an extra sharp, pristine looking roof

Considered a shake but sawn on both sides.
Available in 18" and 24" lengths and 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" thicknesses.
Guaranteed 100% Vertical Grain

Cedar Shakes & Shingles