Please refer to the list of states below to determine which SDS applies to your state:

California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Alaska & Hawaii

LionGUARD Premium Flashing Cement is the next generation flashing cement. Scientifically compounded with a selection of rubber reinforced asphalt, mineral fibers, and refined solvents. LionGUARD Premium Flashing Cement is manufactured to a heavy pliable consistency for ease of application by trowel. #19 Ultra provides a durable elastomeric coating of greater strength, excellent adhesion and high resistance to water and weathering. LionGUARD Premium Flashing Cement is composed of special chemical ingredients which give it a unique water displacement quality (Wet/Dry). LionGUARD Premium Flashing Cement dries to a tough, flexible, waterproof and corrosion proof rubber coating which gives maximum protection and excellent performance over wide ranges of temperature and weather conditions. LionGUARD Premium Flashing Cement is available in 3 consistencies: Summer, Semi and Winter.

Rubberized - elastomeric
Wet or dry application
Improved low-temperature flexibility
Improved water and weather resistance
Will not shrink or crack
Smooth, easy to apply rubber-like trowel consistency
Excellent adhesion
Excellent resistance to flow (sag) at high roof temperatures
Ready to apply - no mixing required
Greater strength
VOC compliant
ASTM compliant

Consistency: A smooth rubber-like trowel consistency which will readily spread on and adhere to vertical and horizontal surfaces without sagging.

Character of Dried Film: Excellent adhesion to masonry, steel, cured concrete, shingles, asphalt roofing, skylight flashings and a variety of other surfaces.

Film Performance Characteristics: The dried film retains its elasticity and ductility so that the material will resist extreme variations in temperature and weather.

Sag Resistance: Excellent resistance to flow at high roof temperatures on vertical surfaces.

Homogenized: Thoroughly mixed and consistent throughout.

LionGUARD Premium Flashing Cement is a general purpose flashing cement for repairing leaks in shingles, concrete, metal or asphalt roofs, flashings on walls, chimneys, flues, skylight flashings, downspouts and cornices. 19 Ultra is excellent for sealing cracks in concrete and brick, as a joint filler for precast roof slabs and for general purpose use in maintenance of exposed buildings and structures.

ASTM D-4586 Type I
ASTM D-3409
Fed Spec SS-C-153 Type 1

All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from oil, grease, dust, dirt, loose paint or other foreign matter. Excess water should be removed, if possible, before application of #19 Ultra.

Spread LionGUARD Ultra Flashing Cement to an average thickness of 1/8" (approximately 8 gallons per square) and press tightly into joints, seams or cracks.

Spread LionGUARD Premium Flashing Cement over the damaged area at an average thickness of 1/8".
Embed LionGUARD Cotton, Glass or Polyester Membrane reinforcement in the #19 Ultra Flashing Cement.

Apply an additional coat of LionGUARD Premium Flashing Cement over the entire patch at an average thickness of 1/8".

Tools and other equipment should be thoroughly cleaned with mineral spirits, taking necessary precautions when handling combustible materials. To clean hands use #709 LionGUARD Karna-Klean or a waterless hand cleaner.

Combustible Mixture: do not use near an open flame. Avoid breathing solvent fumes and prolonged contact with skin. Do not take internally. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physical immediately.

Keep out of reach of children. Keep container covered when not in use. Do not thin. Consult MSDS for further safety precautions. Dispose of in an environmentally safe manner.

Available in 1 & 3 gallon buckets, 5 gallon pails, and 10 oz. calking cartridges.

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