Please refer to the list of states below to determine which SDS applies to your state:

California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Alaska & Hawaii

LionGUARD Asphalt Primer is a general-purpose asphalt primer for preparing surfaces prior to the application of hot or cold applied asphalt coatings and cement. Ideal for use on dried out built-up asphalt roof surfaces, concrete, masonry, gypsum, brick and metal surfaces. Meets ASTM D-41.


  • Binds up dust and dirt
  • Improves bond of cements and coatings
  • Provides a firm base

All surfaces to be coated must be dry, clean and free from oil, grease, debris and loose coating. Apply evenly to the surface by roof brush or airless spray equipment at the rate of 0.5 to 1 gallon per 100 sq.ft. Coverage will vary depending on the texture and porosity of the surface.

Clean tools and equipment with mineral spirits or similar solvent. Use caution when handling combustible materials. Store in a dry area where the temperature is between 50F and 100F.

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