The Next Gen Group

Next Gen LogoThe NextGen group is composed of a network of young adults poised to be the Next Generation of operators, managers, or owners. Through our yearly meetings, we draw information from each other to further develop our skill set to prepare us for the future. Our team has consistently brought about new ideas and developments into our individual businesses to create change to suit us in the future better. We are a group of people desiring more efficiencies, newer technologies and not afraid to try and tackle the sometimes-seeming impossible changes we must make to remain relevant in the industry. We have to prepare our companies for the future and “Keep Up With The Times”. Change is inevitable and we simply cannot run our companies as we have the last 20-30 years. If we think about the changes in the last 20 years with technological advances with everything from the computers and phones, where will we be in the next twenty years, we have to be ready and the NextGen group is helping us get there.

We are excited about entering our second year of the NextGen Cares initiative. This is a philanthropic effort to give back to our local and nation Charities as a team. We host several fundraisers throughout the year to garner donation for various Charities. This year we have selected the Wounded Warrior Project, Habitat for Humanity and St Jude Children’s Hospital. Last year our effort raised over 16,000.00, and this year we plan to de more with our efforts and capabilities. You can check out the website and make donations at NextGen Cares.  On the website, you can make direct donations or purchase other items to show your support. Currently, we offer two different shirts and we hope to have other items soon as well.

NextGen Group Meetings

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Next Gen Meeting

September 12th - 14th

Industry experts provide educational opportunities in and out of the classroom.   Member location tours provide a chance to see how others offer the best and often times unique solutions to common distribution issues.  And always - time is made for a little fun and networking!