NEMEON is a leader in the category of building material purchasing cooperatives. My company has been a preferred vendor to NEMEON for 6 years and during this time, I have seen NEMEON provide outstanding value to both its vendors and its membership. Central to this value creation for its stakeholders is NEMEON’s leadership. The leadership team is highly committed, progressive and provides great vision that helps guide the organization to higher ground, despite market conditions. Leadership also displays a sense of urgency for evolution and continuing change that ensures the membership will never be caught flat footed in the ever changing world of building materials distribution. It is far more likely, in my opinion, that NEMEON would be at the forefront of industry change as opposed to playing' catch up' behind it. The breadth and scope of NEMEON’s membership ensures that members will always have access to the best products available in the marketplace. It is a hard to imagine a manufacturer not leaping at the chance to participate in NEMEON as a preferred vendor. That degree of access is a real plus for the NEMEON members and something that some may not be able to achieve individually. Finally, the scope of programs, services, educational opportunities and over arching market intelligence offered by NEMEON ensures that there is truly something here for everyone.

Jeff Cabbage
Director of Sales
Royal Building Products

Trust and Integrity. These words are synonymous with NEMEON and its members. They are engaged in their business and community, and value their partnerships with vendors. It is a true delight to work with this group.

Jim Whitton, VP of Sales
Matt Peterson, Midwest Sales Manager
Hunter Panels

We at Polyglass USA, INC consider the NEMEON network of partners a key strategic force in the industry. While the distribution landscape continues to shift and change, the one constant is the NEMEON organization and its membership. Polyglass USA, INC has been a Preferred Vendor since 2003 and truly appreciates the opportunity to partner with NEMEON and its active members. As a growing United States based independent roofing manufacturer we recognize the importance of independent distribution in the market place. NEMEON and its members represent the essence of entreprenuralism and are a key factor in the economy. Since 2003 the NEMEON – Polyglass USA, INC relationship has grown exponentially to both of our mutual benefits. Polyglass USA, INC is firmly committed as a NEMEON partner and looks forward to growing incrementally with the organization in years to come. Thank you for your support and patronage.

Todd Homa
Polyglass USA

Nemeon has been very good at helping us grow our presence with our Grip-Rite name brand and all roofing related products with the independent dealers. The moto shift the share is more than talk and the cooperation from the dealers is excellent.
We look forward to growing our business in the future with Nemeon dealers and with the level of engagement we enjoy with the group have no doubt we will accomplish all our goals.

Barry J. Buchman
PrimeSource Building Products

Nemeon has been a great organization for Lomanco to work with over the last 12 years. The Nemeon members are easy to work with and have helped to grow Lomanco's presence throughout the country. I look forward to furthering the Lomanco / Nemeon relationship in the years to come.

Mike Nichols
National Sales Manager
Lomanco, Inc.

Since partnering with Nemeon a few years ago, VELUX has had the opportunity to build new relationships and work with a great organization. The Nemeon cooperative is well managed and were pleased with the memberships active support of the vendor community. We value our relationship with Nemeon and its members.

Bryan Milling
Account Manager
VELUX America, Inc.

Karnak and NEMEON started their successful business relationship in 2001. Dealing with the group has been a truly pleasant surprise. The group delivers what most “buying groups” merely discuss as their intentions. Integration, good communication, focus on a select group of vendors and a guaranteed time allotment for vendors to meet with each participating member face-to-face. The group truly supports its suppliers by purchasing as a group. Members constantly communicate to each other the importance of supporting their “preferred vendors”. This interaction translates into true added value for both the vendor partners and the NEMEON members. Karnak is honored to be NEMEON’s 2002 Accessory Product Vendor of the Year. We look forward to continuing this valuable relationship.

John McDermott
National Sales Manager
Karnak Corporation

Atlas Roofing partnered with NEMEON 5 years ago and we are very pleased to be associated with such a successful group of independent building material distributors. NEMEON brings tremendous value to us as a preferred vendor with its focus, loyalty and professionalism. The motto of "Shift the Share" has helped grow our business with NEMEON members substantially and Atlas Roofing is proud to be a Preferred Vendor. The partnership with NEMEON is something we don't take for granted and look forward to many more years of sustained growth.

Kirk Villar
VP Residential Sales & Marketing
Atlas Roofing Corporation