Joining NEMEON has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. All of our locations are in secondary markets and prior to being a NEMEON member it was very difficult for us to have a good understanding of what was happening nationally and what effect it would have on our business. With the relationships that we have developed with other NEMEON members across the country we now have a clearer understanding of what is happening nationally and how we can best position our company. The annual meetings are exceptional. We get to meet with other NEMEON independent roofing distributors and share best industry practices. I have always come away from the annual meeting with several significant items that improve my business. Additionally we get to meet with the top sales management of our key preferred vendors in an informal face-to-face environment that has been extremely beneficial to both parties. On top of that we are enjoying rebate income, which has grown dramatically over the last two years. NEMEON has helped to level the playing field to allow me to compete more effectively with the large national chains.

Stan Martinkus,
Western Building Materials,
Yakima, WA

My company was one of the first members of NEMEON and I remember how high our hopes were for the future. It ‘s a great feeling to see those high hopes being realized. It is encouraging to see how many other independent roofing supply companies have joined the organization. All those members exchanging best practices during our annual meeting is one of the most valuable parts of our membership. NEMEON is also becoming the major channel for vendors. Am I pleased? Yes! Would we join again? Yes! Do we believe this is only the beginning? We are definitely on the rise!

Ken J. Rosenberger,
Gulf Coast Roofers & Builders Supply,
Houston, TX

Our company was one of the first to join Nemeon. And yes, at first, it was all about the reasonable investment and the rebates. But after belonging to the group over the years, we saw the professionalism that we all bring to our businesses and saw it reflected in the organization. We are all small businesses, but as a group we have gained tremendous respect from our vendor partners. I am proud to serve on the Board of such a tremendous group of individuals and businesses.

Janice Meyr,
B & R Supply & Equipment Co., Inc.,
Corpus Christi TX

Nemeon offers values in many different ways. The camaraderie shared by the membership of supply houses and venders is probably the biggest asset. Nemeon brings together independent distributors and encourages best practice teachings. Most of the information comes from fellow members. It helps a small independent company such as ours to formulate realistic goals and a path to steady growth.

I honestly recognize the benefits Nemeon brings to the table and can verify that the partnership to be crucial to our company’s success in this constantly changing industry.

Jim Bannon,
Stelwagon Roofing Supply,
Philadelphia, PA

We have been a proud member of Nemeon since February 5, 2001. Quite frankly, the real benefit at that time was the additional rebates it afforded us from the few preferred vendors that we had at the time. Over the years, as the organization grew and matured, we added more members and more preferred vendors. Needless to say, our purchases grew as did the rebates. But a funny thing happened on the way to us maturing as an organization, we realized that in order to be a benefit long term, we needed to offer programs that would enable the independent distributor to grow and sustain their individual organizations through employee training, sharing of best practices, and encouraging members to participate in Nemeon activities, and to network with each other for the betterment of all members and thus the betterment of Nemeon, as a compliment to the rebates. It wasn’t always easy, and we did encounter some resistance, but we have prevailed and have most all members understanding the true value of what we have to offer. In fact, I venture to say that most members would agree that, while the rebates are nice, the real value is being part of one of the largest and most respected buying co-op in the roofing/siding industry, and having a voice in what transpires in the industry. In addition, it’s having access to a network of some of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs in our industry.

Ross Riddle,
South Coast Shingle Co., Inc.,
Long Beach, CA

Nemeon has provided us with the support necessary to compete in today’s marketplace. It started with the rebates needed to help level the playing field against the regional and national suppliers, but there is so much more. The information gained by speaking to other members throughout the country is really invaluable. The annual meeting provides the opportunity to have face to face discussions with the movers and shakers in the industry as well as providing a forum for members to share best practices with one another. We all face the same issues running our businesses and competing each day. Members are eager share experiences with others, even more so when the other person is located clear across the country. Monthly regional conference calls keep us updated on the status of our industry. Nemeon’s branded products have also given us a better profit margin on items we sell every day. In all, we are a much more competitive and confident company having chosen to shift the share with Nemeon!

Brian Rosenstein,
S&H Building Material Corp.,
Medford, NY