Read What Members Are Saying About NEMEON

Cooperation In Action....NEMEON members are looking for more than purchasing power. According to our members, one of the greatest values in "Feeling the Pride", comes from having a nationwide network of peers to share best practices and critical market intelligence. Roofing & Siding Distribution is a business with many strengths that are difficult to match by its large competitors. These include attention to individual customers, concern for quality service, profit awareness, market intelligence, and general business know-how. Despite these strengths, the independent dealer is handicapped relative to competition by lack of buying power, poor name recognition, and the higher expenses of a lone buyer of services such as insurance, benefit plans, equipment purchases, and computer systems. Although NEMEON’s initial purpose is to achieve purchase economies for Independent Roofing & Siding Distributors, there are other areas that the co-op could benefit the IRSD.

  • Rebates on primary purchases
  • Volume pricing from preferred vendors
  • Vendor sponsored training
  • Cooperative sponsored training
  • Economic trend tracking and reporting
  • Accounting Systems
  • Networked Information
  • Gateway to electronic commerce
  • A name that provides national recognition

The IRSD needs to find a way to “level the playing field” in order to secure their own independent survival. Becoming aligned with a purchasing cooperative will help provide such a solution. By conducting “business as usual”, while competing against the giants, some independents will succeed but many will fail.

Read What Vendors Are Saying About NEMEON

Cooperative Partnerships...Bringing people together is what cooperatives do best. Following the same principles that guide our membership growth strategy, NEMEON’s vendor development policy is targeted toward a select group of suppliers. These vendors need to extend quality products, fair pricing, superior service and a first rate reputation in the industry. In return, NEMEON provides high quality and structured networking opportunities for both members and vendors to discuss issues, solve problems, and exchange new ideas. These types of occasions allow the preferred vendor to reach new customers not previously accessible in the past. This is a cornerstone of our win/win business philosophy. True partnerships exist when both parties benefit from the existence of one another. In addition, preferred vendors can:

  • Expect a limited field of competitors
  • Expect a lower effective cost of doing business
  • Expect a true partner attitude from NEMEON and its members
  • Expect reporting and feedback that will enhance the ability to perform
  • Expect a relatively fast migration to electronic commerce
  • Expect perpetual innovation in distribution practices
  • Expect an enjoyable, mutually beneficial business relationship
  • Expect complete confidentiality of terms of agreements
  • Expect NEMEON to sustain the highest ethical standards

By joining their unique identities, each company that has entered into partnership with NEMEON has contributed greatly to the whole.